Corinthian Colleges Unfair Student Loan Debt Collection Class Action Investigation

The Feds found widespread fraud at Corinthian Colleges. So why are students still paying the price?  According to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, nearly 80,000 students of Corinthian Colleges are facing some form of debt collection, even though the Department of Education unearthed enough evidence of fraud to forgive their student loans.

If you took out a federal student loan to attend a Corinthian College and are being subjected to debt collection actions, or if you have any knowledge relevant to our investigation into this matter, please click here to contact us and fill out the brief form.

It is reported that there are 79,717 people who are eligible to apply for loan forgiveness but are still being pursued by debt collectors who are seize tax refunds, tax credits and other benefits of more than 30,000 of those borrowers, while garnishing the wages of another 4,000, all to pay fraudulent debts.

If Senator Warren is correct, and the allegations of unfair debt collection practices are true, many Corinthian borrowers who are entitled to debt relief may have available rights and remedies to stop the harassment, recover unlawfully seized monies, and/or repair any harm done to their credit.

If you are being subjected to debt collection actions for Corinthian student loans, please click here to contact us and fill out the brief form, or call Robert Teel at 866-833-5529 or email

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